I Love you, O Prophet Muhammad (SAW)!

Hyder Imran

Hyder Imran is a fifteen year old student residing in Ontario, Canada. He is in grade nine and homeschooled. Currently, he is memorizing the Qur'an and working towards his Ijaza, Insha'Allah. His dream is to one day study at the Islamic University of Madinah and to become an Islamic Scholar, Insha'Allah. His favourite pastimes include anything to do with engineering and mechanics. He loves to spend time in the Masjid with his family and friends.

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  1. M Muzammil says:

    It really is heart touching. Thank you so much! May Allah bless you here and in hereafter.

  2. Bilal war says:

    We all world / unverse is not onlt only the dust of shoes of our loved Profit Mohmmad (SAW) but we are empty ……etc

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