The Story Of Khadijah {RA} – A Summary and Book Review

Ivanna Imran

Ivanna Imran is an eighteen year old student residing in Ontario, Canada. She is currently being home-schooled for grade twelve. She has dreams of becoming a Scholar and Teacher of Islam one day as well as an Activist for Human Rights, Insha’Allah. In her spare time, she loves to discuss anything having to do with Faith, create, and spend time with Family and Friends.

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  1. Ibrahim says:

    The blessed name of Abu Bakr As-siddeeq Radhiyallahu anhu should be added in as the first man to accept Islam, and that he was a close friend of the Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam.

    • Children of the Ummah says:

      Yes! He was the first man to accept Islam, Alhamdulillah. He was a great Sahabah RA. This blog was about a book review on Khadijah RA, so we added details about her and her standing in Islam as the Wife of our Prophet Muhammad SAW, the Mother of the Believers, and as one of the blessed women promised Paradise. May Allah be pleased with them ALL, Ameen.

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